Keys  1924.png
   During the early 20th century, Evergreen's natural beauty made for a
popular retreat, with resorts such as Troutdale in the Pines,  the Brook Forest Inn,
and Greystone Guest Ranch (now Greystone Manor) attracting celebrities and
even presidents such as Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt. It became so heavily
frequented, the Mountain Parks Protective Association was established to preserve
the area's original beauty.
   With the completion of the original octagonal clubhouse in 1925,
Evergreen Golf Course became the first public golf links in the state of
Colorado. Originally a 9-hole course with sand greens, it was expanded to 18 holes
in 1926. The course was deeded to the city of Denver in 1928, with the contingency
that it would always remain a golf course.
   In the 1980's, Jon Keyworth of the Denver Broncos (running back, 1974-1980)
and his partners restored, expanded, and transformed the rustic clubhouse into the elegant home of Key's on the Green.
   Keys has once again been restored by its current ownership team, Richard & Pam Bard and Kevin & Craig Caldwell.
For decades, visitors have enjoyed the towering pines, rushing water of Upper Bear Creek, and visits by herds of stately
elk and other mountain wildlife.
   Today, we are proud to enrich Keys long and fabled tradition of providing an enjoyable casual dining spot for golfers and a local fine dining favorite for our guests, where exceptional dining experiences and sumptuous food and drink are standard in a charming atmoshpere rich with warmth and hospitality.